Be in the Know with Your Pro

Be in the Know with Your Pro As a registered dietitian and board-certified specialist in sports dietetics, I am all about communicating the importance of consistency, quality and quantity of foods to eat to strategize, optimize and realize goals. To

Let’s appreciate those who cultivate and create the produce on our plate

When I think of summer, visions of watermelon, tomatoes, berries, cherries, cucumbers, corn peppers and peaches make me hungry and happy. For all of us who have tried successfully or not to grow our own produce, we should have tons

Destress, get rest, and eat your best.

S-T-R-E-S-S! Good, bad, happy or sad- stress is a part of our lives. Deadlines, family issues, job security, money worries, relationships, and the list goes on and on. It is not so much that we experience stress but how we

Chews to Fuel Your Moves

As a sports dietitian working with athletes and active people, I like to communicate and educate on the benefits of fueling for long duration activity, or all day events to help optimize performance. Carbohydrate during longer duration exercise > 1

No Need to Reduce, It’s Time To Boost! Let’s Cheer, Not Fear, Fruits & Veggies.

When it comes to scare tactics that may prevent you from eating plants, we certainly aren’t here for it! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) published their annual “Dirty Dozen” list, which ranks fruits and vegetables according to pesticide levels deemed

Right Bites -The Why and How of Nourishing Your Children

Why does nutrition matter in the birth to 23 month timeframe? This is a critical time for growth and development of: brain muscles bone heart digestive tract healthy immune system This is the time when children can develop a healthy eating

Cherry Cassata Cake: A Valentine’s Day treat for your favorite sweet!

My mother-in law used to make a cassata cake for my husband each year for his birthday. I put my own special spin on this recipe for a treat for my sweet! INGREDIENTS Chocolate pound cake- homemade or store bought

Why Produce in a Can Should Be Part of Your Nutrition Plan

Staying safe from the virus and inclement weather is top of mind for many of us right now, yet we want to #nourishtoflourish within our financial, culinary and time availability limits. For some that may mean eating on a budget,

Planting the Seed to Help Your Health Succeed

We are a few weeks into the new year- has your food choices resulted in something to cheer or jeer? So often we bite off more than we can chew in the quest for a new and healthier you, but

Cherries from Chile: A Reason to Cheer as we Welcome the NEW YEAR

As we enter 2021, why not work on creating a #healthyselfie with food choices, attitude, fitness and better sleep? One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by adding more produce to your glass, bowl or plate.