My goal is to help my clients become foodies instead of feudies.
Being fit, fed and fearless is empowering, constructive and proactive.
Food is necessary for health, for fitness and for enjoyment.

Leslie is all about the “look” From the outfit, to the venue- we use our eyes to get engaged, excited and motivated. See it, try it and then do it! Her media clips segments are fun, user-friendly and in-formative. Learn More

Leslie is in her element in front of an audience which can be real-time or virtual, kids, professional athletes and seniors, executives and homemakers. She will captivate you in by setting the plate, making you think and compelling you to nourish and nurture yourself in a sustainable and maintainable manner. Learn More

Leslie provides individual nutrition counseling and has expertise in sports nutrition, eating disorders, weight management and digestive disorders. She is a highly sought after speaker at universities, national conferences, and professional organizations. In addition, Leslie is a nutrition advisor to the food industry.  Learn More

Some of my media & spokesperson clients