"Leslie's professional expertise and guidance is second to none. We have revitalized our cafe system and offerings to rival the best of sports franchise nutrition based cafeterias."
Kirsten Krug
Vice President of Administration
KC Chiefs
"Leslie understands the football player's need to succeed and was able to communicate sports nutrition strategies with knowledge, humor and practicality to win players' trust and attention."
Marcel C. Pastoor
Assistant Strength and Conditioning
Pittsburgh Steelers
"Leslie Bonci is the ULTIMATE nutrition expert. Not only is her knowledge absolutely amazing, she knows how to deliver it so everyone understands.  She's professional, well spoken, fun to interview and her content is second to none.  Love working with Leslie during the KDKA Afternoon News segment every Monday!"
Shelley Duffy
KDKA Afternoon News
"Leslie is my go-to source for all things nutrition. She’s smart, quick, and best of all knows how to deliver her message in digestible, memorable, quick hit bites that readers can remember and relate to."
Selene Yeager
Contributing editor
Bicycling magazine
"When I am struggling to understand the latest study about diet and nutrition, I often turn to Leslie. She understands the detailed science of the research, but provides insight in simple, relatable soundbites, which help any reader understand even the most complex details. And, she has a delightful sense of humor, making her quotes as entertaining as they are informative."
Meghan Holohan
NBC News,
"I've had the pleasure of working with Leslie Bonci for more than a decade. She is one of my favorite registered dietitians to work with because of her fun, straightforward and creative hands-on approach. She lives and breathes what she teaches her clients and professional athletes every day. Leslie brings fresh thinking, a tremendous amount of energy and deep expertise in sports nutrition and on-trend recipe ideation. She also easily translates the science to practical applications which resonates with everyone."
Shereen Mahnami
Vice President
Ketchum Public Relations
"Leslie offers cutting-edge nutritional information in a way that real athletes can put to use in their daily lives to improve their performance and health. She's the best in the business. "
Andy Haley, CSCS
Performance Director
"Leslie is always such a pleasure to work with. She adds joy and creativity to her professionalism, making her a superb partner for effectively communicating healthy eating advice. Her nutritional expertise and integrity are undeniable, but it’s her passion and personality that make her audiences love to engage with her messages. "
Maggie Moon, MS, RDN
The Wonderful Company
"I have had the pleasure to work with Leslie Bonci for over a decade  and can say with confidence she is a true expert in the field of sports nutrition "
Brian Hagen
Program Administrator
UPMC Center for Sports Medicine
"Leslie Bonci is an energetic speaker, who captivates the audience with her knowledge and passion for nutrition. Leslie is a true pleasure to work with! "
Stacey Jackson, MS, RDN, CDN
Nutrition Specialist
American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc.
"On behalf of the students, staff and faculty of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC), thank you for the exceptional presentation you provided on, Strategies to Eat Well, Be Well, and Stay Well. As you know from your continuing support to our program, one of our primary goals is to reinforce the important role of health and fitness for our senior leaders and those they lead. As an internationally-renowned expert in health, fitness and nutrition, your timely, thought provoking message on “Strategies to Eat Well, Be Well and Stay Well” was hugely successful and served as a tremendous motivation for our resident students, staff, faculty, and their families. It is very clear from the many comments that we have received that your presentation was powerfully inspirational. Your enthusiastic style, your incredible level of subject-matter knowledge and expertise strongly resonated with our students and their spouses. Both I and other members of our Team have received many comments from students about how they and their families are already making lifestyle changes as a direct result of the information you provided. We cannot begin to thank you enough for your continued support to our program and to our students."
Thomas J. Williams, Ph.D.
Director, USAWC
Senior Leader Development and Resiliency
Department of the Army
United States Army War College and Carlisle Barracks
"Leslie plays an integral part in our athletics program at Carnegie Mellon University. She not only educates our student athletes on proper nutritional habits, she also teaches them how to prepare healthy snacks and meals. Our student athletes value and appreciate her knowledge and expertise in the field of sports nutrition."
Rosie Cheng, MA, LATC
Athletic Trainer
Carnegie Mellon University
"I have worked with Leslie for over 10 years and can’t stress enough the significance of having a sports dietician to educate our athletes and staff on the importance of nutrition and its affect on performance.  With a lengthy baseball season it is essential for our players to have an understanding of what fuel their bodies need for practice, games and recovery.  Her knowledge and passion are evident in her work with our players and they have benefited greatly."
Chris Joyner, CSCS, RSCC
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Toronto Blue Jays
"Leslie is the founding director of Luminari’s Camp Delicious! — a summer camp for teens that focuses on the enjoyment of food and cooking. Leslie capably and enthusiastically brought the concept to life in 2014 by developing a fun-filled, substantial and dynamic curriculum. Every summer since then, she resourcefully assembles a dream team, engages talented guest chefs to demonstrate and leads field trips to local farms.Encouraging an open mind on new tastes and ingredients from diverse cultures, she ensures that the camp aligns with Luminari’s mind broadening mission and provides a nourishing and delicious experience for all!"
Hilda Fu
"Over the years, Leslie Bonci has become one of my favorite experts on all things related to diet and nutrition. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the science of nutrition, but she also has an amazing ability to translate it into pithy, relatable messages that resonate with real people. Her advice is always spot-on and creatively expressed, and I appreciate how promptly she responds to requests for interviews or commentary. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Stacey Colino
Freelance writer, author
"Leslie Bonci knows how to make healthy food fun!  First she comes up with topics and information that is helpful and interesting.  Then, she presents it in a way that is visual, exciting easy to understand.  Leslie is by far one of our best guests on Pittsburgh Today Live on KDKA-TV for her presentation skills, her enthusiasm and also her professionalism. She is organized, prompt and always a joy to work with. "
Kristine Sorensen
KDKA-TV Anchor & Host
Pittsburgh Today Live
"Leslie Bonci is a great example of someone with many years of experience providing gold standard sports nutrition advice to athletes and active people of all ages. She has a unique ability to take her deep technical and clinical knowledge and put it into simple terms for people to understand in a fun and energetic manner."
Pat Cavanaugh
Come ready Nutrition, The CRONS brand
"Leslie provided the University of Pittsburgh outstanding nutritional services for the students athletes for 20 years. Her innate ability to develop relationships with the coaches, staff and students athletes allowed for her to relate and establish fundamental principles for all athletes and their participation in highly completive athletic endeavors."
Tony Salesi
Executive Associate Athletic Director, Coaches and Performance
University of Pittsburgh
"Leslie is the consummate professional, bringing a palpable dedication and enthusiasm to her work. As an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spokesperson, as a sports dietitian and a media trainer, Leslie has helped countless consumers, athletes and registered dietitian nutritionists alike understand how to translate the science of dietetics into clear and actionable steps to improve lives. She is an asset to every team!"
Ryan O’Malley
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
"I turned to Leslie in a tearful panic two years ago when a bone scan showed I had tiptoed over the line into osteoporosis in my spine at age 54. I was already active running and lifting weights, and I wasn't too keen on starting medication just yet. Leslie reviewed my medical history and gave me practical, delicious and sustainable recommendations (even for a picky eater!) I'm proud to say that two years later, my scans are great and my body composition has boosted my strength and confidence. So grateful for her guidance and support!"
Laura Pace Lilley
Public Information Officer
Municipality of Mt. Lebanon