I love communicating, spreading the word about ways to create a healthy selfie with realistic, lifestyle friendly strategies. I contribute to blogs, and am frequently interviewed for my comments on trending nutrition topics. In addition I love to write, and have authored 2 books and co-authored four. I always try to put myself in the reader’s seat – what would I want to learn, do I walk away with something new and are the recommendations sustainable, enjoyable and affordable.

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I like to pick a  topic and put a different spin on it – thinking out of the box, sprinkling in some humor and real world application to the confusing, overwhelming world of nutrition.

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The books I have written have been labors of love.

American Dietetic Association Guide to Better Digestion provides nutrition solutions for the digestive issues and diseases.

Sport Nutrition for Coaches is designed for the middle school coach/parent up to college coaches to provide insight on how to help our athletes eat well to play better.

Active Calorie Diet takes a new approach to weight loss by encouraging use of the CHEW acronym to get more out of what we eat as well as ways to maximize movement in the house.

Run Your Butt Off, Walk Your Butt Off and Bike Your Butt Off work for those new to exercise through those who have experience and help you create a plan to maximize workouts, fine tune eating, and achieve body and health goals.

To learn more about Leslie’s philosophy concerning eating to implement and sustain a healthy lifestyle visit Leslie’s author page or click on the book of interest.

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