The Gift of Healthy Selfie from the Goodness on your Shelfie!

One of the most loved components of the holiday season is giving and gifting. We research the perfect gifts, prepare delicious meals and revel in the joy of holiday gatherings. But what we may not do enough is practice self-care. This year we need to be safe, limit our exposures and most likely downsize gatherings to minimize the spread of the virus. So as we start to make our list and check it twice, let’s make sure to put ourselves on the list to receive something nice.

PRODUCE: The Perfect Present

Who doesn’t like opening a present? Taking off the bow, tearing the paper to get to the goodies inside. Think of produce as the present to yourself and your health.

  • A pomegranate, opens up to reveal the sweet/tart and crunchy arils inside
  • A steaming white or sweet potato, cut open and enjoyed as is, or topped with our favorite flavors
  • Fun to eat edamame- maybe sauteed in the pod with ginger, garlic and hot pepper, to add some heat for a tasty treat
  • Artichoke leaves are fun to dip and eat
  • Fragrant clementines, grapefruit and oranges release a delicious aroma and tingle the taste buds and the zest adds wonderful flavor to food

Why not give yourself the gift of delicious nutrition with a produce subscription. A monthly shipment of produce from the farm to your door for the gift that keeps on giving. That goodie basket that you assemble for family and friends? How about one for you too? This way you have a gift a day to enjoy your way! Here are few of my favorite things:

    • Canned Fire roasted tomatoes
    • Jarred artichoke hearts
    • Crispy dill pickles
    • Fiery jarred kimchi
    • Bags of Dried beans/spice blends for soups/stews
    • Succulent dried fruit with a dark chocolate/sea salt dipping sauce
    • Sweet/tart Grapefruit
    • Juicy apples and pears
  • Creamy avocados with a spicy salsa

The presentation enhances the appreciation and helps us to prioritize the need to take care of ourselves, not just everyone else in our lives. Most presents are short lived, but the gift of health is invaluable. Put the pretty in the produce with a:

  • Special glass
  • Beautiful bowl
  • Brightly colored casserole dish
  • For the gift that keeps on giving and promotes healthy living! #haveaplant
  • No matter what you celebrate, produce is the gift that keeps on giving and promotes healthy living. Happy Holidays! #haveaplant