Fashion and food are inundated with rules. Don’t wear this, don’t eat this. Let’s find a way to wear what flatters with food that matters. A “foodista” understands the appeal of fashion/food trends, the “look” on the body or in the bowl and the entire outfit/plate.

If we think of the plate as an undressed body, the goal is to pick the outfit, accessorize and complement with texture, color and personal taste. Start with plain Greek yogurt, add vanilla, a splash of lemon juice, and a drizzle of honey for taste, sprinkle in slivered almonds for texture and stir in sliced strawberries for color. As you are creating your food outfit, think about your salary and calorie cap. Dairy foods are available, affordable and there is minimal to little preparation with no waste.

Dairy never goes out of style. I love the idea of a white food or beverage as a stand-alone or add to. We can enjoy milk in a long lean glass, or throw that milk into a blender, add some ice and berries and create a feast for the eyes in a delicious fruit smoothie. We can enjoy a cup of vanilla yogurt, or we can take plain Greek yogurt, add taco seasoning and serve with cut up vegetables for the crunch, the gut ill and the eye thrill.

Fashion goes by the season, so why not apply some of these trends to eating. As the weather gets cooler, our milk can go into a pan, heated with vanilla extract and cinnamon for a delicious comforting treat. The summer Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes from the garden can become the winter thin crust pizza with a tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella and spinach.
A warm weather cottage cheese and peaches can be a cooler weather baked apple with cottage cheese, raisins and ginger.

Fashion can also be prohibitively expensive and if it is too trendy, the garment is more likely to be in the closet than on you. Everyone has their old favorites that they feel most comfy in. That is also true of food. Fancier is not always better, what tastes good to us is the most satisfying. Think oatmeal with milk, walnuts and berries, or a bean and cheese quesadilla with salsa, YUM!

And finally, repurpose. The sweater you’ve had for years, looks like a brand new top with a different belt or scarf. All of us can get in a food rut, so change the plate, bowl or glass. A smoothie can become a frozen dessert, canned black beans, plain Greek yogurt, salsa and seasonings is higher protein alternative to hummus.

So don’t put your white away after Labor Day. Dairy can help you streamline your prep time, lean up your bottom line and taste just fine.