Although nutrition is a hot topic, it as an area fraught with confusion, crowding and confrontation. Food blaming, body shaming, and food phobia have created an environment of feud over food resulting in consumer distrust and mistrust.

As a registered dietitian, I spend a great deal of time translating nutrition recommendations and science into communicable, easily digestible bites. Credibility is key, but empathy, reality and practicality are all important as well.

What are some of the issues?

There is too much easily accessible nutrition information available 24/7
Just because we eat doesn’t mean that we are all experts in nutrition
What is trendy in food is not always the most nutritious nor is it always necessary
Good vs bad food mentality
Self diagnosed nutrition concerns without medical justification
Too much emphasis placed on external look vs internal health
Culinary incompetency
Sensationalism over science
Highlighting individual micro, phyto or macronutrients rather than entire food emphasis
Desire for immediate results with minimal effort
Shift away from shopping and meal preparation in favor of dining out, prepared meals or ready to eat/heat
Elimination without discrimination
Focus on what to take off the plate rather than what is on the plate
Not thinking beyond the food to the eating environment and food habits

Let me offer some suggestions to create a better attitude about what we eat, and gratitude for our bodies

Foods that provide the good for you: palate, physical benefits
Affordability and accessibility
Minimize waste
Get in the kitchen with food
Focus on what your body allows you to do
Don’t be a slave to the scale or a clothing size
Challenge yourself to be kind to your body, be mindful of what you choose to eat and find what gives you happiness, enjoyment and fun!