Boost Your Mental Health with the Produce on Your Shelf

Many of us are in survive not necessarily thrive mode right now. Uncertainty, anxiety and worry may be dominating our thoughts as we imagine what our new reality will be moving forward. I am a big believer in controlling what we can. Our chews, our moves, our snooze – what we eat, how we move and our sleep can be very empowering and good for our self care. Produce is more than good food, it can have a positive impact on your mood! #haveaplant

The good news is that the produce on our fridge, freezer or pantry shelf  can help us take care of our physical, emotional and mental health. How can food ignite motivation and activation? Produce can be hands-on- chopping, sauteing, tossing, grilling or opening a can.

Produce is eye candy- a beautiful sight and visual delight-Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue and white are a visual delight.

Produce is scentsational! Think about the wonderful smell of garlic in a pan, a sliced orange, the delicate smell of a pear, basil, parsley, the sharpness of an onion, the pungent and enticing aromas of Brussel sprouts, the subtle scent appeal of a banana

Produce provides us texture and flavor to savor: juiciness, crispness, chewiness, spicy, savory,  salty, sour bitter, umami and sweet provide taste sensation that are hard to beat.

When you are feeling unsettled, a good strategy may be to unleash your creativity with intuition in your kitchen.

The sense of accomplishment that can comes from opening a few cans to a more complicated food preparation plan is a step towards a CAN do attitude for you!

Canned black beans, canned corn, canned diced tomatoes and seasonings yield a delicious side dish or dip

Frozen vegetables sautéed with tofu, garlic, ginger and Soy sauce brings the color, texture, and taste in haste

A roasted chopped medley of red onions, yellow peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots drizzled with olive oil, flavored vinegar and spice is quite nice

A salad free for all can help you reach across the aisles in your meal creation: Leafy greens, canned beans, sliced berries, frozen edamame and chopped prunes bring the nutritious and delicious to your bowl.

Put the positive in your glass, bowl or plate with foods that can help you feel great.

  • Berries, lemon and cucumber slices in your water
  • Smoooth moves with any combination of fresh, canned and frozen fruits in your blended lets you master the mix and provides a nutrition fix
  • Getting bowled over with endless combinations and flavor stations in your bowl
  • Adding chopped veggies to your meat balls, beans in your sauce, greens in your eggs, pumpkin in your oats, bring the great to every glass, bowl or plate

Focusing on what we can is a more productive way to get through these trying days .Produce can help reduce the stress and help your health be its best. Produce any way every day. #haveaplant